Season 6

Season 6 - Episode 16
Stuart Timmons from Farrell Distributing shares pairing tips for sparkling white and red varietals.
Season 6 - Episode 15
Chef Nooney makes Sugarbush's signature chocolate mousse.
Season 6 - Episode 14
Sandy and Tony learn Chef Nooney's secrets for making Hungarian goulash served over homemade spätzle.
Season 6 - Episode 13
Stuart Timmons from Farrell Distributing presents sparkling wines that are perfect for the holidays.
Season 6 - Episode 12
Tony and Sandy help Peter prepare his grandmother's hearty Italian meat sauce.
Season 6 - Episode 11
Peter prepares a delicious lentil dish using his special Vermont Salumi Red Wine & Sausage.
Season 6 - Episode 10
Stuart Timmons from Farrell Distributing pairs red and white varietals with Chef Wingensiefen's lobster rolls and seared pork chops.
Season 6 - Episode 09
Chef Wingensiefen makes a fresh lobster salad served in soft rolls.
Season 6 - Episode 08
Chef Wingensiefen prepares a tasty dish of pork chops served over warm potato salad.
Season 6 - Episode 07
Stuart Timmons from Farrell Distributing presents an array of wines in alternative packaging.
Season 6 - Episode 06
Janet prepares a farm-to-plate favorite of BBQ chuck roast.
Season 6 - Episode 05
Chef Coppola puts together a tasty reuben with corned beef and freshly prepared condiments.
Season 6 - Episode 04
Chefs McFarland and Smith show how easy it is to create a Mexican-inspired feast.
Season 6 - Episode 03
Stuart Timmons from Farrell Distributing shares some wine favorites to accompany Chef Ploof's Valentine's Day spread.
Season 6 - Episode 02
Chef Ploof prepares a Chateaubriand Au Poivre, Caesar Salad, and Chocolate Pot Du Crème dessert.