Season 7

Season 7 - Episode 11
Tony goes to Tres Amigos in Stowe, Vermont where Farrell Distributing wine specialist Stuart Timmons talks with local wine vendors about some of their world-class wines.
Season 7 - Episode 10
Tony and Farrell Distributing wine specialist Stuart Timmons travel to Manchester, Vermont where Stuart talks with some of Farrell’s wine producers.
Season 7 - Episode 09
Tony joins Farrell Distributing wine specialists Donald MacDonald and Stuart Timmons at the Inn at Essex in Vermont to both learn about and sample some exciting new wines.
Season 7 - Episode 08
Stuart Timmons from Farrell Distributing pairs different wines and other beverages with the Make-a-Wish show recipes.
Season 7 - Episode 07
Chef Jimmy Kennedy shows Tony and Jamie how to make Cabot Cheddar Lace Crisp Taco Shells.
Season 7 - Episode 06
Tony and guest Jamie Heath make Tony's favorite mac and cheese recipe -- with horseradish.
Season 7 - Episode 05
Wine specialist Stuart Timmons from Farrell Distributing shares five wines and describes why they pair so well with Chef Jean-Louis Gerin's Valentine's Day creations.
Season 7 - Episode 04
Chef Gerin demonstrates how to make this elegant dessert topped with a fruity sauce, perfect for Valentine's Day.
Season 7 - Episode 03
Sandy and Tony learn how to put together this satisfying main course, part of Chef Gerin's Valentine's Day feast.
Season 7 - Episode 02
Chef Jean-Louis Gerin layers flavor on flavor to prepare this Valentine's Day appetizer stuffed with greens, apples, and cheese then rolled up like a “cigar.”
Season 7 - Episode 01
Kate Wise of Wise Consulting whips up four love-inspired cocktails for Valentine's Day using handcrafted spirits from Vermont’s St. Johnsbury Distillery and Caledonia Spirits.