Season 7

Season 7 - Episode 05
Wine specialist Stuart Timmons from Farrell Distributing shares five wines and describes why they pair so well with Chef Jean-Louis Gerin's Valentine's Day creations.
Season 7 - Episode 04
Chef Gerin demonstrates how to make this elegant dessert topped with a fruity sauce, perfect for Valentine's Day.
Season 7 - Episode 03
Sandy and Tony learn how to put together this satisfying main course, part of Chef Gerin's Valentine's Day feast.
Season 7 - Episode 02
Chef Jean-Louis Gerin layers flavor on flavor to prepare this Valentine's Day appetizer stuffed with greens, apples, and cheese then rolled up like a “cigar.”
Season 7 - Episode 01
Kate Wise of Wise Consulting whips up four love-inspired cocktails for Valentine's Day using handcrafted spirits from Vermont’s St. Johnsbury Distillery and Caledonia Spirits.