Season 8 - Episode 01-1
Barr Hill: Token CBD Cocktail
Season 2 - Episode 01
Field Greens Salad with Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette, Belgian Steamed Mussels & Garlic Aioli & Lamb Shepherds Pie
Season 3 - Episode 01
Puff Pastry Filled with Gorgonzola & Apricot, Chocolate Mousse (Mom's Quick Recipe, Polenta Towers
Season 6 - Episode 01
New co-host Sandy Zielinski joins Tony and Chef Antony Spine to make a venison-led line up of satisfying winter dishes and sauces.
Season 7 - Episode 01
Kate Wise of Wise Consulting whips up four love-inspired cocktails for Valentine's Day using handcrafted spirits from Vermont’s St. Johnsbury Distillery and Caledonia Spirits.
Season 8 - Episode 01
Farrell Distributing presents: Made in VT Products, Good Measure Brewing, CBD Beverages & More from Montpelier, VT.
No Category - Episode
River Run Restaurant
No Category - Episode
Chef Josh Berry, Stowe Mountain Lodge
No Category - Episode
Chef Marcus Hamblett, One Federal Restaurant & Lounge
No Category - Episode
Paired Wines - McFarland show
No Category - Episode
Jean-Louis Gerin New England Culinary Institute Executive Chef
No Category - Episode
New England Cooks welcomes guest Chef Todd Cassell - Cornerstone Pub & Kitchen, Barre, Vermont. In this episode, we also bid farewell to Carol as she signs off on her last episode as co-host of New England Cooks.