Ninja Roll

Ninja Roll
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Chef Christoph Wiesenseifen

Prepare the rice
Place 4 Cups Sushi Rice into small sauce pan and rinse until the water is clear
Press down on the rice with hand, water should come up just above the knuckles.
Bring to boil, turn heat down and simmer for 10min, turn off and let Rice rest for 15min.
Put rice in bowl and season with ¼ cup sugar ¼ cup rice wine vinegar and a pinch of salt
Mix well and let cool before using

Prepare the duck
Break down duck into 4 pieces, render duck slowly under low heat, add more duck fat if needed, once
the duck is fork tender (about 1 hour) let cool completely. Pull duck from the bone and medium chop;
add 1/3 cup saracha hot sauce to loosen the mixture.

Prepare the ninja rolls
Lay out the nori (seaweed sheets) shiny side up
Place 1/2 cup sushi rice in the middle of the sheet
Work your down the sheet spreading rice evenly, leaving a 2 inch space at the top of the sheet
Place 4oz duck spread from right to left forming a ridge 2 inches from the bottom of the sheet
Roll the bottom of the sheet to the front side of the ridge toward the top of the sheet
Wet the 2 inch space at the top of the roll with water to make a seal, finish with seam on the bottom
Roll with a sushi mat to tighten the roll, (each roll yields 2 orders)

Cook and plate the ninja roll
Dust the roll with flour, Dip into tempura batter, Fry for 4 minutes
Cut into 7 pieces with serrated blade
On the plate, place 7 lines of miso aioli ( from top to bottom)7 lines of saracha hot sauce(from side to
side), 1 table spoon pickled ginger(on the left), 1 table spoon seaweed salad( on the right) place the 7
pieces of the roll shingled in the middle… enjoy