Rescue Club Brewing Company, IPA Non-alcoholic

Rescue Club Brewing Company, IPA Non-alcoholic
Type Non-alcoholic - Non-alcoholic
Producer Zero Gravity Craft Brewery — Rescue Club Brewing
Region Vermont, United States


This non-alcoholic beer brings you the IPA flavor profile you love, without the buzz. Citra and Motueka hops give this IPA
aromas of citrus, pine, and just a touch of tropical fruit. Soft on the palate with a slightly dry finish, Rescue Club IPA bursts
with citrus fruit flavor. Bright and refreshing, you can always reach for a Rescue Club!
We believe that a high-quality beverage should not have to be judged on its ABV and that it is the people who make the
party, not the alcohol. We intend to open people’s hearts and minds to a different way of thinking about non-alcoholic
brewing. We are charting a new course.
With deep roots in New England’s craft brewing culture, we use a proprietary technique to deliver non-alcoholic beers of the
highest quality and flavor. We don’t f**k around. Actually, that’s not true; we f**k around a lot. We think it is super fun to
drink regular beers all the time, but we also think there is a time and place for a really great can of suds that doesn’t have
any alcohol in it, and since there weren’t any tasty ones out there, we decided to make some.
Rescue Club Brewing Company is a partnership between Zero Gravity Craft Brewery and Citizen Cider Co-Founder Kris
Nelson. We believe a delicious NA beer can be for everyone, anytime and anyplace, so go ahead and…
Reach for a Rescue Club!